Our team of licensed fishing guides and charter captains can offer you a wide variety of premier fishing experiences in Western Washington State.

That means year-round fishing is available in Seattle and if you’re willing to travel outside of the Seattle area from time to time. Spending about 6 weeks of charter fishing in each general region we rotate through these locations in a given year…

  • Skykomish, Snohomish, and Snoqualmie Rivers (Seattle area)
  • Puget Sound,San Juan Islands, and Everett (Seattle area, calm saltwater)
  • Westport, WA, and Grays Harbor (Central coast, open ocean)
  • Humptulips, Quinault, Clearwater, Wynoochee, and Satsop, Rivers (Central Coast Olympic Peninsula)
  • Columbia, and Cowlitz Rivers (SW Washington)

To offer such a large variety of guided fishing trips we must own and use three distinctly different boats throughout the year. The smallest being 16’ Drift Boats used for floating our small coastal streams, next are our 20-24’ Jet Boats for larger rivers, and the largest is our 29’ Defiance Pilothouse boat that we use in Puget Sound, Westport (open ocean), and Grays Harbor. All of our charter fishing boats are modern, purpose-built boats that are totally outfitted with the latest greatest equipment and electronics.

If your charter fishing trip is scheduled to take place “out of town”, we have all the info you’ll need to make the necessary travel arraignments. Many of the hotels near our fishing locations offer our fishing customers a discount on their stay. We can also provide information for handling and shipping your catch home.

No matter where you trip takes place in Washington State you can be assured of a high-quality trip!

Tips on Choosing the Right Fishing Charter for Your Trip

Salmon fishing trips in Washington State are a great way to connect with family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors. With so many fishing charters available, deciding which is best for your group can be difficult. Here at All Rivers Guide Service, we want to ensure you have the best fishing experience possible on your trip. That starts with choosing the right charter.

When looking for a fishing charter, it’s essential to consider the type of salmon you want to target and where they are located. Chinook salmon (or king salmon) can be found in Puget Sound and around the Olympic Peninsula. In contrast, coho salmon (or silver salmon) inhabit rivers and streams throughout Washington State. Steelhead, a species of freshwater rainbow trout in the salmon family, can be found in nearly all rivers and streams in the state. Considering who will be going on your fishing trip is also essential.

Consider these questions:

• Are you looking for a family outing or just an afternoon with friends?
• Do any members of your group have any special needs or disabilities?
• What level of experience do you all have with fishing?

All these factors should be taken into account when booking a fishing charter. At All Rivers, we provide day trips perfect for anglers of all levels, from first-timers to experienced fishers. Our professional guides will teach you about fishing techniques and help you get the most out of your trip. We offer charters throughout the Seattle area and across Washington State, so we have the ideal charter, no matter what type of salmon you’re looking for.

What’s the Difference Between Fishing in Fresh Water and Salt Water?

Most salmon live in salt and fresh water during their lifecycles. Chinook, coho, and pink salmon inhabit salt waters for much of the year before heading to rivers and streams, where they spawn. Steelhead, however, typically remain in freshwater throughout their lives. In general, fishing for salmon in salt water requires heavier tackle and a boat to reach the fish. The bite is often more unpredictable due to the vastness of the open ocean but can yield bigger catches.

Fishing for salmon in freshwater is much easier, as you don’t need a boat or heavy-duty equipment. Although it’s advised to use light tackle when casting from shore. The bite is usually more consistent, and the experience of fishing for wild steelhead can be gratifying.

All Rivers Guide Service has fun and rewarding charters, no matter which type of fishing you choose. With our knowledgeable guides and years of experience fishing in Washington State, we can make your trip memorable.