Best Time to Go Fishing in Seattle

Although summer is generally the best season to fish in the Seattle area, there are some caveats to the June through September time frame. The fishing schedule depends on the species and the retention regulations set by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Individuals who prefer to venture into Seattle area waters during the warm months typically enjoy calmer conditions than other times of the year. With its northern latitude and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, local waterways tend to be cool and misty year-round. However, you’re likely to encounter snow, high winds and choppy waters other times of the year.

Fishing Charters in Seattle, WA


The many species of salmon spawn in the rivers and lakes surrounding Seattle, making it one of the most abundant locations for salmon fishing. The season typically begins June 1, and All Rivers & Saltwater Charters offers five charters during the summer months, encompassing waterways from the Columbia River to the Puget Sound. Our sportfishing excursions during this time of year may produce catches of Chinook, coho and king salmon, with pink salmon fishing only available during odd-numbered years. Summer fishing on the Olympic Peninsula’s waterways also offer steelhead trout and albacore tuna.

For individuals who don’t mind braving the elements, we offer eight charters from fall through spring, adding halibut, rockfish and lingcod to the salmon and tuna menu.

What Are the Area’s Fish Species?

Salmon is by far the most popular sport fish in Western Washington. However, don’t overlook the satisfaction of catching halibut, lingcod, rockfish and steelhead trout.

Fishing Charters in Seattle, WA

Are Guided Fishing Tours Worth It?

When you schedule a guided fishing tour with All Rivers & Saltwater Charters, our experienced team ensures all anglers are appropriately licensed. Our seasoned captains provide a freshwater or saltwater charter experience that’s customized to your specifications and geared toward maximizing your time on the water. We accommodate all skill levels, tailoring instruction to meet your needs.