Fishing in the Puget Sound

When you think about Washington, there’s a good chance fishing comes to mind. With Seattle’s location on the Puget Sound, fishing is something all ages can enjoy in the Evergreen State, which boasts some of the best fishing in the Pacific.

What makes fishing in Washington and the Puget Sound such a great experience? Some say the variety of fishing options, including bait fishing, fly fishing and deep sea fishing around this body of water. Others might say the variety of fish, drawn to Washington’s cool water throughout the year. Others might say it’s the sheer beauty of being able to fish in one of the most picturesque locations in the country. No matter what kind of fishing or backdrop you want to enjoy in Washington, you’ll probably find it on the Puget Sound.

Not only that, but you have plenty of options to fish for recreation or meals. There’s a reason so many fisheries in Washington exist and haul in catches for local restaurants and markets day after day.

When Is the Best Time to Fish in the Puget Sound?

The best time depends on what you’re looking to get out of your experience. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have your heart set on landing a prize salmon, you won’t want to fish in May. All salmon fishing is closed in May, although you can still fish for flounder. Instead, you might want to plan your fishing trip for mid-June to August. This is peak salmon season, as the weather drives salmon north to cool Washington waters. King salmon season usually opens at the beginning of June, and planning a trip just after the start of the season means you’ll be certain to arrive during the season.

If you want to go for blackmouth or chum, come later in the year. Chum is at its peak between October and December. Blackmouth’s season is a little later, peaking from November to February.

What Fish Are Common to the Puget Sound?

Another great reason the Puget Sound attracts anglers year after year is the variety of fish you can catch. Whether it’s fully adult king salmon in the summer, younger blackmouths in the winter, silver coho salmon, pink humpies, red sockeyes or the flounder that can be found all year round, you’ll always find a wide variety of beautiful fish in the waters of the Puget Sound.

What’s the best way to find all of these fish on your expedition? Go with someone who knows the water. At All Rivers & Saltwater Charters, we provide experienced charters and know all the best spots to find fish. If you have your mind on fishing in Washington, give us a call; we’ll make sure your next fishing trip is one to remember!