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Fresh Albacore Tuna for sale July-October, Westport, WA. Click to reserve your fish and we'll go catch it!


Listen to what our customers have to say!
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I had a great time on the trip, the pinks were fun to catch and obviously just tearing it up! I marinated up a couple of filets on Wed night and grilled them up.... quite tasty. Maybe next time I'll be able to get onto a better time for the Kings.

DJ Layfeild

Pink Salmon FishingThanks again for the fun time fishing! Here is a photo of you and Dave with his beautiful Humpy. Thought you might like it. Also, we emailed Lange, this other photo of you and him and all of his fish. Thanks for the good time. Hope to be able to go again sometime.

David Eaves - Mission Viejo, CA
Hey Mark,

We grilled that steelhead last night and that was the best fish I have ever eaten. Thanks again for a great trip. We really had a great time. Todd is talking about back later this year and going again. I will definitely be in touch with you again to go on another trip. Thanks for a great time.

Lance Trowbridge
Hi Mark,

Corporate fishing events I just spoke with my mom this morning and I really want to thank you for showing them such a good time yesterday. The weather was good and they all really enjoyed themselves!!! They said you were great! My department team is still coming off our high from our trip with you – the smoked fish are being enjoyed by us and the residents – and I thank you for making our day really really fun too! Take care and have a great season!

Diane Lopes, Everett, WA
Hi Mark,

Just wanted to thank you for a great day on the water. You did a great job and made Matthew and I feel very welcome and very comfortable. You also proved you do know how to catch em!!!

Hope to see you in the spring and Matthew will be in touch soon.

Call and Matt Wheeler, New Jersey
Hi Mark!

Humptulips River Fishing Thanks for sending the pics! Those are great shots. I really enjoyed the trip and I am looking forward to more fun fishing with you.

Lonnie Eiseman - Auburn, WA
Hi Mark,

Olympic Peninsula FishingThanks for sending the pics and thanks again for the great day!

Lonnie Eiseman - Auburn, WA
Hi Mark,

Skykomish River guided fishing trips Thanks for the picture. I am trying to figure out my schedule as well, I would love to get out again. You were great, and I really had the best time. I will most definitely be seeing you again and will spread the word as much as possible. You have a fan here that is for sure.

Aaron Pruett - Seattle, WA

Listen to what our customers have to say!
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FALL/WINTER: Humptulips River Steelhead & Coho Salmon

November 15th - January
Departs: Humptulips, WA
Guides: Ray, Mike, Ian, Matt, Mark Boats: 16' Drift Boats

Seattle Fishing Charter

The fall crowds are gone so come play "clean-up" on hatchery Coho and winter Steelhead as they make their way back to our coastal hatcheries.

At times this trip invovles casting to and battling large salmon in and around heavy structure. You may experience things that you were taught NEVER TO DO with a fishing rod!

Watch these fish chase your lure to the boat, set the hook, and hang on! These trips are unique because we float a large section river each day and only take two anglers plus guide in our drift boats.

Multiple boats and guides are available....$225/pp...$450 private boat for one or two. Multiple boats and guides are available.


WINTER/SPRING: Trohpy Wild Steelhead - Central Coast

January - April 15th
Departs: Humptulips area
Guides: Mark, Ray, Mike, Ian, Matt | Boats: 16' Drift Boats

To catch a Steelhead, of any size, is a lifetime accomplishment. But when Steelhead reach the 20lb or larger mark, to catch and to LAND one is lifetime dream come true.

This fishery is one of the most legendary of the entire year and one of the few opportunites to catch a trophy wild steelhead, and what better place in the world to do so than the central coast Olympic Peninsula.

These fish are built like a rocket, like to fly and theres no better way to experience that than on light spinning tackle.

This trophy fishery is strictly "catch, picture, and release"...$225/pp...$450 private boat for one or two. Multiple boats and guides are available.

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